An exciting November for CCN

Photo from Brookings Institute

This November was chalk full of events related to China. With leadership transitions in both the US and China, we were all on our toes waiting to see how these transitions will affect US-China relations in the next decade. To learn more about the leadership transition several CCN members headed over to Duke for a panel discussion entitled “Pivot to the Pacific: Challenges for the US and China in the 21st Century”. The event was put on by Duke East Asian Nexus, our sister organization that co-hosts our spring Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit, and Duke International Relations Association. The impressive group of panelists consisted of William C. Kirby, former Dean of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, is T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University and Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, James Holmes, Associate Professor of Strategy at the Naval War College and an expert on Taiwan issues. Bai Gao, Professor of Sociology at Duke University and an expert on China’s financial system and relations to Japan. Edmund Malesky, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Duke University and an expert on China’s relations in South East Asia. Carolina China Network enjoys collaborating with Duke one events throughout the year, and we plan to invite Duke students over in January for an event focusing on China’s leadership transition.


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