Leadership Structure 2013-2014

Apply today for our 2013-2014 leadership steam. We will be accepting applications through Saturday, April 27th, 2013. Have questions? Email carolinachinanetwork@gmail.com


More info on organizational structure:

CCN President: The president will oversee all other aspects of CCN and CLS and keep everyone on the same page. The president will also run weekly board meetings.

Treasurer: Member of CCN board charged will maintaining our SAFO account, securing money from student government, and working with the fundraising chair to develop a budget for CLS and CCN.

Web Master: Must have basic programming skills. Will run both CCN and CLS website. The web master will attend CCN board meeting as necessary.

Operations Team: This team will manage logistics including but not limited to delegate relations, food, transportation, hotels, venue bookings.

Outreach Team: Outreach team members will work to expand the reach of our China Leadership Summit both nationally and internationally throughout the academic year. Increased ties to China will be a goal, as will increasing our ties to other top universities in America. Corporate relations will work with both the outreach and fundraising team.

Fundraising Team: Led by a strong fundraising chair with long term vision, the fundraising team will begin working in Spring 2013 to make CLS 2014 as successful as possible. Grants both large and small are important to the success of CLS.

PR Team: The PR Team will include members who focus on running our social media both in the US and in China. The PR Team will expand our visibility on campus and beyond. While we have a separate PR team for CCN events on campus, the two groups can work in conjugation as they see fit.

Programming Development: The programming team will work to infuse the event with innovate programming that allows delegates to learn the most from both speakers and each other. This team will focus on incorporating creative approaches to seminar discussion that allow for in-depth discussions throughout CLS.

Campus Affairs: For those interested in working on event planning throughout the year campus affairs is the place for you. Further titles will be given to team members in the fall of 2013 based on the strengths of each individual. The campus part of CCN had a lot of potential, and we look forward to seeing where it goes in the 2013-2014 year.


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